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Project Management

Aspect CMS strive to implement innovative and efficient programming to improve development procurement and, in the process, help save client resources, time and money.

Effective and efficient project management is the key to the success of any project. In a result orientated world where every client has a specific set of requirements and outcomes that must be met, Aspect CMS often come out on top because of their genuine care about the success of each project, and their consistent delivery of outstanding results.

Co-ordinated and strong leadership is provided at every stage, from inception to the completion of your project. Aspect CMS is able to provide a tailored and unique service, drawing on knowledge and experience and tireless work to ensure the service you receive is best suited to your individual project and its successful realisation.

Employer’s Agent

The Aspect CMS experienced team of agents use their knowledge, skills and experience of development procurement to best aid you in the completion of your project. 

From the very first concept design and land purchase, Aspect CMS will liaise with their large network of consultants to kick-start your scheme. Carefully handpicked, Aspect CMS are able to appoint the very best consultants for your particular development, providing a unique and tailored service. Having finalised the designs for the project, the Aspect CMS team will then initiate tender preparation, which they are able to oversee through to RIBA Stage 4 design, selecting the best contractors for the job.

During the building works, Aspect CMS if appointed will oversee the entire construction phase, and ensure that everything is built to the Clients requested standards whilst keeping to the agreed programme dates.

With Aspect CMS, you, as the client can be as involved or as passive as you prefer.

Cost Consultancy

Accurate and proactive cost management is at the root of a successful project.

Aspect CMS has built a solid reputation by delivering accurate but realistically defined budgets for a range of schemes. Aspect CMS offer a large scope of services within cost consultancy to include, project feasibility and estimating, cost planning, value engineering of existing schemes and cost management.

The key to understanding a client’s budget is to understand their requirements and project drivers from the outset. From the start, Aspect CMS ensure the balance between realistic project programming and estimated build costs is kept at the forefront of the decision-making process, to ensure that ultimately the project is delivered as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

From the outset, an Aspect CMS quantity surveyor will be appointed to your project and will work with you to develop a deep understanding of your goals to ensure we your project is delivered on cost.

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